Next five star raids

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2022.01.26 10:25 TheDarthLlama5000 Next five star raids

In about six days, there will be regirock raids and mega houndoom raids, in about 14 days, there will be registeel raids, in about 20 days, there will be mega ampharos raids, and from 21 days to 30 days, there will be switching in forms for deoxys raids
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2022.01.26 10:25 FranklinMalt Did him dirty in the credits

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2022.01.26 10:25 Ace_TD Lyler Week 2022 Day 03: TDA + TDWT

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2022.01.26 10:25 ShinobiBones Watch "Origin of The "Incident" and aftermath" on YouTube

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2022.01.26 10:25 solblood 共通テスト他教科でも解答依頼か 世界史Bに加え国語でも

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2022.01.26 10:25 thevegasodds More E-ratic, Archangel 8, and others coming?

I wonder if we'll see more from their books like E-ratic and Archangel 8? Are these just one and done titles? It seems like they're trying to build a new universe and if these characters only see print in one series then what's the point?
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2022.01.26 10:25 SwapzoneIO Top 3 Articles of the Week

Top 3 Articles of the Week
1) In this piece, we will discuss Kadena project along with its native Kadena crypto, the “complete package by Kadena” and how to perform Kadena exchange at the best rate.
2) From billboards to out-of-this-world space stunts, DogeBonk has established itself as an exciting dog meme coin that has no plans of slowing down. So what exactly is DogeBonk and why is it receiving so much attention lately? Let’s find out in the next section along with naming the ways to swap DOBO at the best rate.
3) Cryptocurrencies, while different in very many ways, are still very dependent on each other. When one crypto starts to rise or fall, chances are other cryptos are going to follow the same trend. For instance, every single time the price of Bitcoin rises, the price of altcoins rises as well. But why does this happen? If you ever thought of the correlation between cryptocurrencies and why altcoins follow Bitcoin, this article is for you.
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2022.01.26 10:25 uscjohn In know we a ways off from wrestlemaina week but did anyone in here buy wrestlecon superfan

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2022.01.26 10:25 Specialist-Salad-541 How to modify the Countifs Function to exclude a repeated variable?

Hi everyone!
I suspect it may be an easy fix, but I cant seem to think of it. Would like to seek your advice
Heres my example dataset:
Objective: To count the number of unique students who played both soccer and badminton in at least one of the years. This will be a large dataset, so Im looking to do this in the most "formula-efficiency" way
Issue I'm facing: Double count of Matt in 2020 and 2021. There shld be only 2 unique students who have ever played both soccer and badminton, but my formula gives me 3
Formula used: 'COUNTIFS(F:F,"Y",G:G,"Y")
Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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2022.01.26 10:25 gNgster299 Fast food burgers tier list

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2022.01.26 10:25 Fair-Argument-9650 Abracadabra balance showing on Zapper - Liquidated

Hello, I staked Time Wonderland and was liquidated last night. It shows I have 0 collateral however when I log onto Zapper.Fi it shows that I have $1100 or 0.0428 w/meo leveraged on abracadabra. Can someone explain? Zapper is showing these balances... my metamask is not.
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2022.01.26 10:25 essentialatom Three years on and I still haven't worked out what my friend was trying to say

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2022.01.26 10:25 Former-Sky-7200 HMU

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2022.01.26 10:25 MorganHenderson18 How much do you have invested in CRO?

I'm a young apprentice in Australia and with a few other side opportunities like to do some investing with my extra $$, I currently have $2.5k invested in CRO, split between the Defi wallet earning 12.45% and the other half staked in the CDC App.
I know it's not an astronomical amount but you've got to start somewhere. As I believe a good chunk of this subreddit are younger guys and gals such as myself I'm curious as to how much others are investing?
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2022.01.26 10:25 Seeplix Keep Walking - LiaF | Calm & Relaxing Piano Music

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2022.01.26 10:25 MuceLee Racing conditions in ROS subscribers?

Hi everyone,
I am writing a ROS node that has 2 subscribers that receives sensor data. I use message_filters to synchronize the sensor data and receive it in a single callback. Then, I have a publisher that is publishing data that is calculated based on the received sensor data.
I assume these the publisher and subscriber work in parallel and since subscriber would try to write to the same variable that the publisher is reading - does this result in race conditions? Is it somehow mitigated by ROS itself? If not, are mutexes a good practice to ensure data is written and read without conflicts?

Thank you!
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2022.01.26 10:25 Lagartha777 Has anyone had any successful treatments for their TMJD?

I know that no one size fits all, especially in regards to TMJD, but I thought that it may be helpful and perhaps even encouraging to hear from those who have managed to find a way to treat their condition successfully.
TBH, I have yet to hear about any treatments that have actually worked; most of the time the treatment have made things worse :(
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2022.01.26 10:25 teddivan96 catie’s marilyn monroe photoshoot was absolutely stunning. and she looked just like marilyn too. i really don’t understand how the judges didn’t like it

catie’s marilyn monroe photoshoot was absolutely stunning. and she looked just like marilyn too. i really don’t understand how the judges didn’t like it submitted by teddivan96 to ANTM [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 10:25 seal616 Will ladybugs leave on their own?

I'm thinking of getting ladybugs as a last resort to get rid of thrips. However they are known to seek shelter in buildings at least in winter. Is this a problem? Will they leave if I just open the window? Also, how do I know if they're done feasting?
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2022.01.26 10:25 HexanaMusic Someone uploaded my music on their channel with saxophone over the top of it.

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2022.01.26 10:25 snkde Asus VivoBook 15 Laptop: 15.6" FHD IPS Touch, i5-1135G7, 8GB DDR4, 256GB PCIe SSD, Win10H @ $446.39 + F/S

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2022.01.26 10:25 rockit11 The Fed is screwing (almost) everyone

Corporate greed is certainly part of the reason American workers are getting screwed. But it's our corrupt financial system that is the primary driver. GDP per Capita has gone way up over the last decades.... but hours worked per week due to this efficiency increase have not gone down... nor have wages gone up to match that added productivity. Why?? Our corrupt financial system. The privately owned bank, The "Federal" Reserve.
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2022.01.26 10:25 GaminMadness Crysis 4 Has Been Announced!!

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2022.01.26 10:25 wyrdfiction [PI] Touch of Death Or: The Villain That Needed a Hug

[WP] At 18 you got your power; the ability to vaporize anyone you wish with just a touch. By 38 you’re the most feared villain the world has known. However, exactly 20 years to the day, your first victim rematerializes. Turns out you’ve just been sending people 20 years into the future all this time
OP <--- show it love :)
Touch of Death Or: The Villain That Needed a Hug
Your past is never really dead.
Your past is part of you. It lingers in the background of your life, waiting, stalking, withholding for that opportune moment to resurface - the moment the most damage can be done.
Mistakes. Regrets. There is no escaping it.
The ferryman needs his toll, as they say.
At 18 I got my power. An unholy gift, cursed and feared by all those who wear capes.
With a single touch I could make people disappear.
Poof. A cloud of vapor. No remains at all. Simply gone from this world. The caskets would be empty.
The day I turned 38 was when the boomerang finally came back. It was almost midnight. I was good and drunk, and retreated to my den of vices.
My den of vices is where my pleasure happens. The great gift of “deaths touch” comes with a a cruel byproduct - I could never touch a women. Sex is as foreign to me as a hug. Those that have tried to study me say these things have made me cold. Have hollowed out my heart and driven me to cast aside empathy - sympathizers to my crimes say it is not my fault. Others say I should know better.
The room is tall and wide, modeled after an atrium of Babylon. The amount of banks I had to rob to pay for this place. The indoor stream that runs through the center, leading to a waterfall. The hot tub springs, the servants - I spared no expanse. This was the only passion I could find.
I sat in the midst of it all. Women and men wearing only masquer masks frolicked - doing all the things I could not. Grabbing. Kissing. Embracing. The physical act of being human - it was something I couldn’t remember.
I sat there surrounded by thirty some odd sex workers I had paid to entertain me for my birthday. My guards were patrolling the perimeter, both in the room and outside the compound.
I looked around, removing what the room once was. Before I inherited the house, it was my parents. The atrium was once a sitting room - formal, of course. I nearly tore the house down to rebuild it in my image. But I kept the foundation.
In fact I also kept the couch that had belonged to them. It was wear I was sitting that night, on my 38th birthday, and the night back when it all started - when I turned 18.
My parents and I were watching a movie. I can’t remember what. Then they told me they loved me - and gave me a hug.
And they were gone. A puff of vapor.
The last people I touched were my parents, and it killed them. I’m sure head shrinkers would have a field day with that one.
20 years later there I was. Back where it started. A place once home to a family, now a den from which I sit and watch people fuck each other senseless.
In front of me a pair of women had engaged. They were tossing and rolling on the floor, close enough that if I wanted to I could reach out and touch them. They turned to me and smiled and asked to see it.
As I started to open my robe I heard a ghost.
“What is going on?!” My mother yelled.
It couldn’t be real. My eyes saw her feet first and then I tracked up and there she stood - my mother, the exact way she was the day I lost her. And next to her - with wide stunned eyes, starring at the naked women doing unholy things to one another - was my father.
“This is - uh - this -“ dad said bewildered.
“Gregory,” my mother barked, “what is going on?!”
The women on the floor chuckled and looked up - “Your name is Gregory?”
“What’s - “ I sprung to my feet and instinctually went to grab my mother, to make sure she was real and not in my mind - I snapped my hand back as she reached for me - “this can’t be real.”
I backpedaled, terrified.
My mother’s eyes focused on me. “Gregory, you’ve gotten,” she touched her own face. “What’s happened?”
“Everyone out! Now!” I shouted. A parade of naked people with all sorts of elaborate sex toys hurried past us, rushing towards the door. Dad couldn’t help but get lost and smile a bit.
“What the hell has happened to my sitting room?” My mother said.
“I like it,” Dad said.
“Ok -“ I couldn’t help but tear up as I looked upon my parents - who had been dead for twenty years. “How are you guys here?”
“What do you mean?” My mother asked. “You just gave us a hug, and …” Mom turned to Dad and then they looked back at me.
“Tell us what happened,” Dad said.
Tears swelled in my eyes - I had not felt anything like that, real emotion, since I killed them. I fell back on the couch.
“It was my 18th birthday, last thing that happened was you both gave me a hug - and then you were gone.”
“Gone?” Dad asked.
“Gone,” I said. “Something clicked that night, and you were my first. Whoever I touch vaporizes.”
“Wait - we were your first _what?_” Mom asked.
“First of my victims,” I said, ashamed for the first time in twenty years. “But I’m proud to say, the only accidents. I never hurt anyone that was innocent.”
“Jesus Christ,” my mother fell into a spot on the couch next to me - nearly touching me - I jumped back.
“Don’t touch me!” I shouted and put a few feet between us.
“How many years has it been?” Dad asked.
“Today is my birthday. I’m 38. It’s been 20 years.”
My parents looked at each other. “But we were just here - for us it’s been no time …” Mom looked at me. “I’m so sorry.”
“I’m the one that's sorry!” I said.
“No, it’s our fault. See,” mom and dad exchanged a look. “We aren’t just your parents. We, kind of, well…”
“Before you were born, we were super villains,” Dad said. “But we gave it up once we had you.”
“We had a feeling you’d get powers when you turned 18 - it’s what happened to us,” mom said.
“We just didn’t know what they’d be,” dad added.
“Wait - you have powers?” I asked.
“We had them. Thing with powers like ours - if you don’t use ‘em, you lose them. Think the last time mine worked was when you were ten.”
“Me too,” Mom added.
“Wait -“ I shook my head in shock. “I don’t have to live like this?!”
“No,” Dad said. “If you let it go, it will fade. Not overnight, but it will fade.”
It was overwhelming - all of it. Them being back. Learning the truth. My mind had not been challenged like that in years. And then it started to dawn on me. “Wait,” I said. “If I didn’t kill you guys - and you are here - then .. I haven’t destroyed anyone. I’ve just been sending them to the future.”
My Mom’s eyes settled on me. She could see the confusion and fear swirling in my mind.
“How bad is it?” She asked.
“Bad,” I huffed. “In less than a week people are going to start resurfacing and within the month, some top heroes of the past are going to be gunning for me. And - Jesus Christ! - the more time that passes they’re going to keep coming! I have twenty years of my past waiting on deck to come back and destroy me!”
“It’s okay,” Dad said. “Take a breath.”
“You don’t understand, I’ve done things - horrible things! And now, all I’ve wanted in life is here - I wanted you both back, and a way to get rid of this - and now I can have it - and everything I’ve done wrong is waiting in the shadows, getting ready to ruin it all!”
I was hysterical. And I could tell my parents wanted to hug me, but they kept their distance.
“It’s okay,” Dad said.
“Don’t worry,” Mom said.
“How! How can you say that? It’s not okay - I’m never undoing what I’ve done! They will find me - and they deserve to.” I said.
“We spent all your life in plain sight, and not one person pieced together who we are,” Mom said and gestured her index finger up, guiding me to raise my chin.
“We can hide you,” Mom said.
“That’s right,” Dad said. “We can take what you’ve acquired - liquidate it - set up an entire new life.”
“It’s not possible,” I sighed.
“Trust us, we’re your parents,” Dad said.
“How? Where do we even start? How do we start?” I begged.
“Well,” Mom smiled at me. “We start with shaving that beard.”
Dad laughed. “And finding you some pants.”
I laughed. I cried. I wanted to hug them. And now, by some miracle, I may be able to one day.
“Okay,” I pushed tears off my cheek. “I’m with you guys.”
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2022.01.26 10:25 Jennlist Wings of eternity

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