They're finding new ways to infiltrate our homes

2022.01.26 11:48 davidm998 They're finding new ways to infiltrate our homes

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2022.01.26 11:48 Least2020-2022 I recommend the three TV dramas that Yang Zi has acted in. Each of them ...

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2022.01.26 11:48 Mad4p3z RMDoxx | Only 5M Marketcap, Launched ✅ Fully Doxxed Dev Team | Reflection Rewards | Over 22% burned supply

RMdoxx was created by holders of a previous token that was rug pulled costing them all a lot of money. This token has the intention to prevent people loosing more money to such scams as rugpulls/honeypots in the future by making the crypto space a safe place to invest, thus removing the gamble and making it an investment again. Licensed professionals with decades of experience. Computer software and data science experts with over 5 decades of combined programming experience.
People with security clearances for official government work.
Search $rickmortydoxx on Dextools
10 Trillion total supply with less than 250 billion available to purchase
Wallets locked for a year
With 7% reflections for all holders on all buy and sells and a percentage going to the dead wallet every transaction too thus decreasing available supply
Over 22% of the supply burned already
Our utility is called Zion, its main task is to vett new and existing tokens to rate them on trustworthiness and give them a score allowing buyers to make an educated decision on whether they wish to invest in a project or not.
A fully doxxed Dev team which includes a Lawyer whom has shared his Florida bar number and a DR that can be found on many papers with a simple google search.
With a low MC of 5 million, right now is a great time to get in and grab a bag
you can buy some $RMDOXX on either Uniswap or Lbank
For more information join our telegram group and feel free to ask and we will endeavor to answer the questions to the fullest of our ability we love easy and difficult questions as they keeps us on our toes to see the whitepaper #RMDoxx @RMDoxx
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2022.01.26 11:48 djteotancolis [USA-GA] [H] PayPal or Cash [W] Mechanical Keyboard

Looking for a decent Mechanical Keyboard that wont break the bank. Located in Lawrenceville, GA 30043 but I can use Paypal as well. Thanks.
Probably a long shot but would like to keep it under $35.
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2022.01.26 11:48 redidait Here is a small selection of art available on my Etsy store.

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2022.01.26 11:48 WantedBoi Does this mean new motherboard?

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2022.01.26 11:48 Silver-Plate9938 Bug report the store isn't alignment and i can't press the x button

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2022.01.26 11:48 Backous @NymN Reddit mod on Fox News pepeLaugh

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2022.01.26 11:48 HottestTikToks Spongebob is That You?😲😲

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2022.01.26 11:48 gigitini13 Baby Dog is on reset!

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2022.01.26 11:48 Imag1naryN0thingness Hot spring Mushrooms

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2022.01.26 11:48 questions24x7 HSA Contribution for couples question

Getting some confusing information online so figured I'd ask the fine folks here in case somebody knows.
In 2021, I had an HSA to which I contributed the full allowed amount ($3600). I only had myself on my high-deductible insurance plan.
My wife had an HSA only until the end of January 2021 after which she switched to a new job which did not offer an HSA. She had our children on her high-deductible insurance plan. During January when the HSA was active, she only contributed something like $1800.
Are we able to make any additional contributions to her 2021 HSA (until the tax-filing deadline), based on the $7200 limit for family?
Not sure if this makes a difference but her company started offering an HSA this year (2022) and she now has one.
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.26 11:48 VI-Pok3 Please balance the Protean fights that spawn during a "Kill Elite" objective

I don't see the appeal in skipping any objectives at all, it just don't like to do it. Because of that I deal with unbalanced stuff more than I should
I've had multiple Protean fights occur during the kill elite objective, and I haven't been able to beat one (solo at least). They're already tanky as hell, but you're going to be detected 24/7 unless you run, but that stretches the fight waaaay too much. That alone makes a hard, good fight, having a protean that will constantly be spawning enemies that potentially are dangerous.
But when they spawn apexes & the smashers? One, maybe 2 is enough, especially solo. But when they constantly spawn? That's probably the worst idea ever in this game. It quite literally is not a possible feat. I used all the react gear I could to kill as many smashers & apexes, but still could not keep up with spawn rates. There was always a smasher or apex existing, so I couldn't even fight the Proteans.
I hope this is something that gets looked at eventually.
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2022.01.26 11:48 FlorbMaster How do you think Affleck’s Batman movie would’ve turned out?

From what I can gather, Jay Oliva said it’s the best Batman script he’s ever read, and Affleck wanted to focus more on the psychological elements of Arkham Asylum, something that hasn’t been done in screen yet. I hear that he had a lot of passion for the project, and the thing that ultimately got the movie canceled was Geoff Johns’ interference, and the DC execs choosing him over Affleck himself, going as far as saying he is “replaceable”. I’ve heard the execs regard Johns as their version of Feige, even though none of the projects he’s been involved in has turned out that great. From what I’ve heard, Geoff desperately wanted creative control, constantly going behind Afflecks back to get his wishes fulfilled. I don’t know how far he got into filming, but Afflecks Batman project sounded really interesting, and I honestly think he suits the role better than Pattinson, though I still like him as well. Anyways, how do y’all think the Batfleck movie would’ve turned out?
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2022.01.26 11:48 yasuoeatsnami helping friend sell na account, must have discord

ar55 na ganyu, venti, hutao, childe, c1 jean, c2 mona, qiqi, diluc old event weapons (windblume, festering) all 4 stars except gorou/yunjin/rosaria pjws, lost prayer, wgs built hutao/ganyu 20 pity + guaranteed lf offers, anything over 20$ is fine, only accepting payment in form of league of legends rp cards disc: yura#1302, she can provide picture proof if needed
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2022.01.26 11:48 Scott_Sovereignty These Trevor Noah Comments Did Not Age Well (Vol. 3)

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2022.01.26 11:48 Vinodpanchal7 Loading..

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2022.01.26 11:48 No-Breakfast310 Mudd

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2022.01.26 11:48 ZappyKitten Artoo with his two dog-brothers

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2022.01.26 11:48 ecdolphins FTC Has Sued Lockheed Martin to Block Its $4.4B Aerojet Rocketdyne Deal

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2022.01.26 11:48 armwrestling_world Irish Open 2022 | -80kg Right Arm

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2022.01.26 11:48 ansonplusc ExpressJS - Authentication with PassportJS

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2022.01.26 11:48 roddy20 New to RC Cars. Which should I buy??

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2022.01.26 11:48 AureousZeta Got bored at NGEC classes and decided to pass the time by drawing Ei.

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2022.01.26 11:48 SurferBoi_ Sin Falta Rescue?

Anyone ever heard of Sin Falta Reacue? Came across them on petfinder and adoptapet. I’m looking to adopt a puppy from them, but wanted to know if anyones heard of them or had an experience with them?
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