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What was the worst thing that happened to you in a public restroom ?

2022.01.26 12:13 xxrapidxz What was the worst thing that happened to you in a public restroom ?

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2022.01.26 12:13 pr4kh4r Sekiro 21:9 ratio, UI fix and FPS unlock guide

Hi, after hours of beating my head against a wall I was able to find a guide that "actually works". Game is working flawlessly as 21:9 with FPS unlocked. I'm linking the guide, thanks.
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2022.01.26 12:13 djarchi666 "Big bad wolf"

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2022.01.26 12:13 0ri00n In WIAH's vid ''how the west works'' he said that after cannons were invented there were monarchy vs parliament civil wars, and in the countries where the parliament won, they became so successful everyone started imitating them. Why were the republics so much more successful?

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2022.01.26 12:13 CupcakeVarious5049 Mom and i had a fight on how to dress my wound

Ok so I have a scrape from a motorbike incident it’s a size of a big coin but it’s not that deep. A doctor was able treat the wound properly. She then gave me or antibacterial meds and told me to change the wound dressing two days after. My mom helped me dress the wound but she put bactroban ointment on the wound (doctor didn’t mention how to clean the wound. I told my mom I already am taking oral antibacterial but she insisted because she has dress wounds before. I had stinging pain when she placed it.
This also happened the second time and I asked her not to use it but she did it again. on the third change, I noticed that the wound didn’t feel like anything when it wasn’t dressed yet and upon checking the it appears to be white in the middle and pink around the center. I tried to tell her not to put it again and we fought about it. But at the end she still used it, saying that it’s better to be sure or that she’s dressed bigger wounds. When she placed it it still stings.
Is it ok to continue using it? I’m still taking oral antibacterial too btw.
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2022.01.26 12:13 evanz42069 Why is it illegal to export armored plates from Russia ?

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2022.01.26 12:13 Velchrom Qiyana build for 1v9

Any suggestion ? I feel that its better to go eclipse for kill everyone and survive ? I go eclipse then full lethality and sometimes tanky ad item
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2022.01.26 12:13 Acrobatic_Film_2087 Regice raid

Looking for help with a regice raid in the next hour or two.
9108 3099 3777
Add for invite
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2022.01.26 12:13 benh999 Chinese air force incursion of Taiwan not conducive to peace, UK PM says

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2022.01.26 12:13 Halcyon_283 Stuck under the void in a minecraft server.

Stuck under the void in a minecraft server. So what happened is i was playing in a skyblock server, and when i was letting water flow to build second layer for my island, i accidentally fall down to the void. I quickly typed /spawn to teleport to the skyblock server's lobby, but i died before i got teleported. I press respawn and i died again at the skyblock lobby. When I respawned again (this time not dying) i went back to my island to finish everything, but instead of being in the private islands' spawnpoint as usual, I got stuck and fall through the void.
y = -7889, typical minecraft thing

When i login again, i will instantly die and continue to fall.
this death screen pops up right after i login to the server
I cannot mine, cannot place block, cannot jump, and cannot chat or execute any commands to get me out of this place. However, some universal commands that can be used in all server branches do work like /report or /hub (/spawn and /hub are 2 different things, /hub is to go to the main server hub.)
I have asked mods to teleport me to somewhere else but it doesn't work.
Anyone knows how to fix this?
Thank you very much.
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2022.01.26 12:13 TheSaintlyBartender Do not post The Fallout

Jenna was under 18 when filming The Fallout. Those posts will be removed.
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2022.01.26 12:13 KatieKateFKXX Gotta wonder what goes through people's head when they do this s***. They, the player, knows their score is fake and cheated, and I along with everyone else knows it's fake and cheated and knows to avoid this loser. They must have a sad life if they need this to feel strong.

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2022.01.26 12:13 Smort-Finn Designed this track myself let me know what you think about it.

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2022.01.26 12:13 stressedoutalways2 Do I need to do any customs or legal paperwork when importing AK parts specifically zenitco?

Was reading something about a form 6 does this apply to me?
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2022.01.26 12:13 kch44 January '22 Hilton Moorea / Hilton Bora Bora - Honeymoon Report

Hello All!
I just got back from my Honeymoon, and I spent so much time in this sub this whole year and change researching and compiling this trip I thought I would take some time to document how it went and some notes for other people planning similar trips.
Original Plan
Summary - 1 Night SFO, 1 Night Tahiti, 7 Nights Moorea, 7 Nights Bora Bora, 1 Night Tahiti, 1 Night SFO
Actual Trip - 1 Night SFO, 1 Night Tahiti, 7 Nights Moorea, 2 Nights Tahiti (IHG Resort), 3 Nights SFO
Comments on the trip

  1. Since I am home, and writing this on the 26th we can see things didnt go quite as planned. Turns out the wife is super afraid of being on a small island surrounded by water, unbeknown to either of us, and did NOT really like the idea of being surrounded by water.
  2. So, I called an audible, cancelled our Bora Bora leg, cancelled all associated flights, got a flight back to SFO, and booked 4 nights at the Mark Hopkins hotel. (IHG points).
  3. Zero regrets about doing this, it was the right call.
Getting to Tahiti
  1. The post before is a bit old, but all the way up to the day of the trip I was looking for ways to make it better and I definitely found some. I was able to cancel the SFO-PPT sing chase points, and instead transferred 150k UR to book two (one way) United Polaris biz class tickets. Unfortunately last minute they changed to the OLD polaris, but still heck of a lot better then economy for 8 hours. And if you and your SO are terrified of flights like we are, it makes things a bit better.
  2. Covid rules were changing daily, but besides just flat our telling people dont come, I think they are as strict as they can get. I decided to upfront book an appointment for two at the SFO Worksite Labs drive thru "Express PCR" testing. This was important because the express part means we got results in <12 hours, (really about 7) which we needed to fly the next day. We had to pay something like $150 each upfront for this test + rent a car to do the drive thru part (however for what its worth we did see someone walk up, but its not exactly a walkable location, and we used the car to go see the golden gate bridge etc.) My anxiety was thru the fucking roof waiting on the results but we got the all clear. Print everything! it made the guy at the united desk job alot easier and he checked for everything. ETIS receipts, Covid results, and the self-attestation form also.
  3. Landing in Tahiti wasnt bad, they had us tested when we landed, and wait a few minutes. Based on the time sticker they put on your passport they let you go in groups. They dont tell you pass or fail until 2-3 days after you land by email which is weird. Getting a taxi here to the hotel was easy also, but they did seem to be cash only
Hotels in Tahiti / Moorea
  1. Tahiti Proper - I stayed at the Hilton Hotel Tahiti for my first night before taking the ferry. They upgraded me to a Ocean view suite (which was like 3 categories?). I figured the diamond status from the aspire helped here. Very nice hotel, friendly and the room was great. They scheduled me a cab for the next day. Also there is a nearby like indoor mall with a ATM (its around the corner from the bank not infront of it - #I looked like an idiot trying to jam my card into a check cashing machine - no English options*
  2. Riding the Ferry - Getting and riding the ferry wasnt too bad but it isnt super straight forward either. Our cab driver drove us around back after we told her we didnt have a ticket yet, we handed our luggage over to some guy, which he put in a metal crate on wheels, and pointed us to a ticket counter. I couldnt hear a word she said at the counter, but she took my card and we got two tickets. NOTE as many people know there are TWO ferrys....I was scheduled to take the Armetti, but the Teravau was there so we took that one. No big deal right...well turns out they dont dock at exactly the same port in Moorea. Meaning our scheduled pick up was waiting at the Armetti Ferry a few mins walk away, while we were waiting at the Teravau docking spot (which was enclosed enough we didnt even see or hear the other ferry pull up)...we figured it out eventually and lugged our stuff over....the driver didnt look pleased but oh well. The ferry itself was about a 30 minute boat ride that had plenty of seats, but the views were meh maybe cause of how overcast it was, and we sat on the inside, we discovered comfier seats on the bottom level.
  3. Hilton Moorea - The first thing I noticed is there is a lot of poverty surrounding the hotel which doesn't put you in the best mood, we aren't strangers to it, and we dont often travel to super lux places, but it is something to note. The Hilton literally shares a wall with peoples personal properties that pretty much live in shacks. Because of the Aspire Diamond status we were upgraded to the what seems like the most pointless upgrade I could imagine. Which was the Twin (meaning it shared a wall with someone else, but still had king bed) land bungalow with a private pool. From looking at the map of I think there are only 1 or 2 rooms out of ~160? that DONT have a private pool, so its was more like no upgrade at all. The room was....okay, it felt a bit forgotten about and outdated but we made the best of it, we could at one point hear our neighbors on the other side of the wall.
  4. Then the rain came - and boy did it come. The rain is unpredictable and looking at the forcast tells you almost nothing. It will say thunderstorm every day forever. But we didnt hear thunder even once. Torrential rain for the next 2.5 days, and I dont mean on and off, and this was some of the hardest rain I had ever heard. It was nuts. So bad our first bungalow lost power, and they upgraded us to a deluxe (no more shared wall) land bungalow. This bungalow was in a bit better condition, so we were happy about that. But those two/three days we super boring. There was little to do, and the highlights were just going to get food, which we had limited options on. The wifi was also weird on the land bungalow, it was okay for me but super In and Out for my SO Iphone. We figured out if she went to it would reset the network config, and she could continue browsing, but she had to do this every ten mins or so. I am not a network engineer, but something in background kept happening and it wasnt happy.
  5. Food -Having limited options was expected but it got old pretty quick, and somewhat claustrophobic? The free "cold" breakfast every morning was pretty good. You could pay about 8$ each if you wanted to upgrade to hot breakfast (eggs bacon etc) which we did for about 2 days. Cause the cold breakfast also got boring. For Lunch and Dinner, the hotel technically had 3? restaurants, but oddly enough and because of the weather I think they were mostly merged into one? We saw the creperie in the middle of the bungalows only opened in its actual place for 1 day. It might have been capacity AND the weather but I don't know. Either way the main restaurant was where you had to go, and they gave you menus to the ALL the restaurants. The Rotui restaurant food was decent like the burger and Ribs stood out and the Crepes were very good also, but the lack of variety is really what got to us. We did get off resort to eat twice, once at Rudy's which they came and picked us up at (ask the hotel and they will setup a shuttle time), and once at Allo Pizza, which we drove to. (We tried to have Allo deliver but they would not at least on our night). I don't know if its cause we are a somewhat frugal couple but the lack of available options and the high prices kind of put a hamper on our enjoyment (plus all the rain). It will def shape our future destinations. We did bring alcohol from SFO, and use it to make mixed drinks, which some stuff we found from a nearby store in Tahiti proper before we took the ferry.
  6. Renting a vehicle - I knew in Moorea I wanted to explore the island. Thats kind of the point of going to Moorea over bora bora, being able to leave the resort. I talked to the activies desk about a scooter rental, and she contacted Moorea Fun Bike, local place ~10 mins away Not many reviews, but I decided to roll with it. They had two options smaller scooter, or larger if you have your M License, which I did. I think the price was going to be around $65 per day or something. I made the choice to pay for 3 days, and my plan was the weather has to break, and when it does we will go explore. however when the owner picked us up to take us to the scooter and do the paperwork, I realized he had cars for rent (stick shift only) - and since it was still raining, I made the decision to get the car instead, it was a super small car for only like $10 more a day. Def worth it. The weather did break the next day and we went up to Beldavadere look out (meh was still cloudly) and circled the island in about 1 hour or so, which was pretty neat. Driving was easy not much traffic, one road all the way around. Glad we did it. (Watch out for dogs on the road)
  7. Over Water Bungalow - I based ALOT of this trip around the LURE of staying in an over water bungalow. I shifted many things around several times, reached out to as many hotel reps to get the best deal etc. and secured 2 nights in advance at a rate of $330 per night. when I got there they didnt mention these 2 nights to me at all, so I brought it up. But instead of 2 nights I wanted 3. The best they could do for me for the 3 nights, was a Panoramic Bungalow (same bungalow but a bit further out) for $380 a night. I agreed to this. I was hoping for better upgrade for cheaper since the hotel seemed rather empty, but it was what it was at that point. After our Many nights of rain we moved into our OWB for the last three nights, and these bungalows seemed to be more well kept. The layout was very much the same as the deluxe land bungalow, but out on the water. (Side note, the land bungalow we dealed with some mosquitos and ANTS from leaving out drinks and stuff, super tiny ants but alot of them, we learned to clean up and dont leave things out) - but these were not issues out there. All the planning in the world couldnt have prepared me for my fiancé to be absolutely terrified of staying out on the water bungalow. Constant howling winds, and rain bursts, which rocked the bungalow a bit, led to a near panic attack. This is when I (we) agreed to cancel the Bora bora portion (save some $) and schedule some days back in SFO instead. A Note before I move on, we did have ~2 days of nice weather, one of which we spent snorkeling off our dock. The current was stronger then I would have liked but the fish life was very abundant, and there was coral around every bungalow essentially. However we could NOT stand up (I am 5'6"),if you were 6' you probably could - just something to note. Snorkeling was fun but it had its limits, and because of the rain etc jetskis werent operating, and there just really wasnt anything more to do, so we were back at square one.
  8. Changing the Trip - After cancelling all of the flights to bora bora (surprisingly Air Tahiti refunded like 90% of the interisland trips something like $800 total, French Bee I filled out a form but never heard back) - I had been eyeing PPT-SFO united biz availability for our return trip in hopes of snagging it. Because of the change I was able to secure it by Transferring 130k Amex -> Aeroplan to book two one ways on united in polaris biz. This made me feel better about our return flight (again pretty bad flight anxiety for both of us). I was also able to nail down AA Biz from SFO - PHL for something like 48k AA points total. (So in the end full biz on the way and full biz on the way back). I Emailed the director of sales from the Conrad Bora Bora and she refunded my points I gave her my SOB story. She agreed to fill out the refund paperwork for the points if I sent her proof we were actually changing our flight and leaving. I did and she said she filled it out. Got 580k hilton points back a few days later. (Note- At this point, getting ANY THING back) was a bonus, as I had already mentally parted with the points, for the sake of just saving our trip). This was very nice of them to do, and I know they didnt have to do it.. I used some IHG points from my SO account to book the Mark Hopkins hotel in SFO for 4 nights (only needed 3 but flight home was redeye so just checked out a bit early). Super glad we did this as SF ended up being a real highlight to the trip, even for just a few days.
  9. Glad to be home - After so much anxiety about covid, anxiety about meticulously planning and optimizing, anxiety about the weather and having a good time. I am just glad to be home a few days early before we have to go back to work. I dont regret the trip, as it really helped cement the fact the we are not the beach type (or subsequently over water bungalow) type people who can chill all day be happy about it. I got so lost in optimizing everything I didnt really stop to think if this is something we even wanted to do. It might have not have been something we would have known until we experienced it either so its hard to say. In the end I am GLAD we cancelled bora bora, and we made the audible.
  10. Random Notes
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2022.01.26 12:13 Good_Rhubarb1290 First printer

Okay so for my first printer im really lost on what to get. Originally i got an ender 3 pro but i realized it was quite small for what i wanted to do so returned it. Then i looked at Cr10v2 and 3 and thought thats what i needed but i found a lot of people saying they had to upgrade it lots to get it to a point where they liked. This is a tad annoying as i would like something thats ready out of box to start without having to install new parts and what not. So then i found the artillery sidewinder x2 and thought it was perfect! but then i found some people saying it was a little unstable for taller builds.
So now im lost, do i get a cr10 or go for something else like a sidewinder? I dont wanna get anything too small as i want to have the space to print whatever i want with little slicing needed. Is the Cr10 v3 a good printer? Have yall had any problems with it?
Please give me as much of your opinion as possible as i really wanna make sure i get the right one. Thank you <3
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2022.01.26 12:13 KeraJJJ 5.5$ of BTC for free 📷

NBX is open for Scandinavian and international clients. With our zero-frills onboarding process clients from 190 countries around the world can start trading after successful identity verification KYC

  1. create account using my refferal link :) https://app.nbx.com/login/signup?referral=Sf9gjJks7A
  2. Complete ID verification (from few mins up to 24hrs)
  3. RECIEVE 5.53$ worth of BTC to your account
proof of withdrawal - screen from nbx, coinbase and ada explorer https://prnt.sc/23ocwn0 , https://prnt.sc/23ocyjt , https://prnt.sc/23ocyxo
with login errors make sure to contact support, since it happens to some users
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2022.01.26 12:13 insert_username69420 Oh nah they got the scream happy meal

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2022.01.26 12:13 Serpentine9918_ From Bulgaria with Misinformation: An Exploration into ZeroHedge

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2022.01.26 12:13 THE_Lexl Animal Ideas based off of unused Emoji Versions

Animal Ideas based off of unused Emoji Versions First off, here's some already in-game examples of different Emoji versions being used:
  • The Puppy is the current dog emoji provided by Google, while the Dog resembles the current dog emoji provided by Twitter.
  • The Chicken is the current rooster emoji provided by Twitter, while the Rooster resembles the current rooster emoji provided by Google.
  • Instead of being up to date, the Boar resembles the emoji provided by Google for Android 7.0, the current one is just the face of a boar.
  • Instead of being up to date, the Dromedary resembles the emoji provided by Google for Android 7.0, the current one is literally the same as the camel emoji (which is being used for the Camel) but with one hump.
I also want to note that I'm working on a fan-made Pack 3 and after recieving Feedback a more balanced version of these animals would be part of it.
Yellow Bird
Bird Emoji on Android 4.4
Tier 1
Starting Attack/Health 1/2
Level 1 Effect End turn: Give friend in the middle +1 Health.
Level 2 Effect End turn: Give friend in the middle +2 Health.
Level 3 Effect End turn: Give friend in the middle +3 Health.
Other Effects/Notes If there is an even number of pets it will prioritize the left (2nd pet for a squad of 4, 1st pet for squad of 2)
Koala on Google Android 7.0
Tier 1
Starting Attack/Health 1/3
Level 1 Effect Start of battle: Give the left-most enemy a Leaf.
Level 2 Effect Start of battle: Give the 2 left-most enemies a Leaf.
Level 3 Effect Start of battle: Give the 3 left-most enemies a Leaf.
Other Effects/Notes Leaf: Literally does nothing but replaces held food. Say goodbye to your Garlic Armor :) Likely not the best choice in the first two rounds and can't neutralize Honey-Badgers but still good late game potential for a Tier 1
Mountain Goat
Goat on Mozilla Firefox OS 2.5
Tier 3
Starting Attack/Health 2/3
Level 1 Effect Roll: Give +1 Health to a random friend.
Level 2 Effect Roll: Give +2 Health to a random friend.
Level 3 Effect Roll: Give +3 Health to a random friend.
Other Effects/Notes Works 3 times per turn. Trying to creat a Roll team comp with this, the Jaguar and another animal I have in mind.
Leopard Cub
Leopard on Google Android 7.0
Tier 4
Starting Attack/Health 5/4
Level 1 Effect Start of battle: Deal 3 damage to a random enemy twice.
Level 2 Effect Start of battle: Deal 6 damage to a random enemy twice.
Level 3 Effect Start of battle: Deal 9 damage to a random enemy twice.
Other Effects/Notes If the target dies with the first shot, the second shot will go to whatever moves or gets summoned onto that spot. Synergizes with Alligator.
Horse on Google Android 7.0
Tier 4
Starting Attack/Health 4/3
Level 1 Effect End turn: Give healthiest friend -1/-1 and other friends +1/+1.
Level 2 Effect End turn: Give healthiest friend -2/-2 and other friends +2/+2.
Level 3 Effect End turn: Give healthiest friend -3/-3 and other friends +3/+3.
Other Effects/Notes This buff/debuff includes itself. While other team scalers work based on a condition (Penguin, Poodle), this one instead has a drawback. Bad for buffing a single pet, good for keeping the entire squad at high stats.
Jaguar Leopard on Google Android 12L
Tier 5
Starting Attack/Health 5/6
Level 1 Effect Roll: Gain +1 Attack until the end of battle.
Level 2 Effect Roll: Gain +2 Attack until the end of battle.
Level 3 Effect Roll: Gain +3 Attack until the end of battle.
Other Effects/Notes Let's say you roll 10 times in one turn like a maniac. That will give the Jaguar +10 attack or on a higher level even more, however you've used up all your coins this round for a one (1) pet that won't keep that buff. Not sure if it's quite balanced though, got an open ear for suggestions.
Alligator Crocodile on Google Android 7.0
Tier 6
Starting Attack/Health 9/6
Level 1 Effect Deals 25% of Attack damage to enemies damaged by friendly abilities.
Level 2 Effect Deals 50% of Attack damage to enemies damaged by friendly abilities.
Level 3 Effect Deals 75% of Attack damage to enemies damaged by friendly abilities.
Other Effects/Notes Basically whenever an enemy gets sniped by, for example a Dolphin or a Crocodile, this pet will snipe it again for X% of its damage. Works for anything that does the rock throw animation. Don't worry, it won't share a pack with Hedgehog or Octopus, that would be ludicrous. Still debating on Leopard though.
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2022.01.26 12:13 KettleKiller9000 I'm purposely Killing my feelings by chatting with my ex gf who cheated on me about the people she is now dating.

It's there any other way? Am i crazy? I'm 21,and I broke up that 5years relation, 11months ago and she started to talk me again a month ago, i just try to be a friend because i don't have any and she said she nor... Yasterday i told her to keep on dating a guy who is a horny asshole, so i slowly get my revenge... But i don't feel any good talking to her... How can i get outside of this hole and start getting to know other people? I am a kind person whose feelings are real and i really care about the people and not money or status (like this girl did) and that seems to be a bad thing for me rn.
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2022.01.26 12:13 luisbrudna-zen Mudar de ideia sobre mudanças climáticas

Sei que vários participantes deste sub não acreditam* em mudanças climáticas causadas pelos humanos.
Gostaria de saber o que faria você mudar de ideia. Quais as informações você acha que seriam necessárias para reconsiderar sua visão sobre mudanças climáticas.
*'acreditam' no sentido de levar em consideração, não no sentido de crença.
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2022.01.26 12:13 allahdienturta u/TaylorSwift_Karim ifşa

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2022.01.26 12:13 otakugo Attack on Titan: Galliard đã chuyển Titan hàm cho Falco

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2022.01.26 12:13 Dillon_Beardon Recording on both sides of a cassette

Hey, so I'm new here and I've been getting back into 90s electronic music like Aphex Twin and Autechre and I've wanted to experience some of their albums on cassette... but they're very rare and expensive. I know the gist of what to do when recording some of their albums onto cassette but I'm not sure about how many minutes it can't take and weather I can record on both sides.
In summary: how do I record a full album of 1hour+ music onto a cassette, does it need to be recorded on two halves like a vinyl?
again, very new here so just lmk what to do
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