Internal poaching in-between practices/teams

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2022.01.26 12:09 TheTVwasfree Internal poaching in-between practices/teams

How is internal poaching viewed across the firm? For example, a consultant from the healthcare practice works on an engagement requiring some financial modelling and, due to the good work, a partner from the private equity practice offers them to make the jump.
To what extent is this normal, or even fruitful for a consultant's career? To what level of discretion should this be handled?
I just started at a Big 4's tech practice (6 months in, new grad), within a fairly established team, and got invited to jump to a fast growing team by a partner with whom I've worked on a few proposals. I got the offer as soon as I got certified in a few technologies.
I love the management style and the values of my current manager but the partner offering me is also great and has serious leverage across the firm. I don't want to burn bridges with my current manager, as he's pulled me out of a big blunder and has mentored me into really good opportunities already.
I'm at about 6/10 about taking the offer. Heading into a new engagement with the partner so I'll see how I enjoy this one.
Any thoughts, anecdotes or experiences?
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2022.01.26 12:09 PresenceInevitable58 -Hifi- Not realy house but no matching genre.

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2022.01.26 12:09 rustang78 I believe this belongs here

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2022.01.26 12:09 jacobhess13 New home sales were 811,000 in December, up 11.9% MoM but down -14.0% YoY (Census Bureau)

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2022.01.26 12:09 tuffdadsf Are they retiring the site?

Got a notice saying that they are making changes to the iFit. com site - which is pretty abysmal. But it looks like they are trying to force everyone to the app now. see this link:
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2022.01.26 12:09 iam4real Cat butt plugs

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2022.01.26 12:09 Primary_Status9301 Acceptance Rates

What is everybody’s Acceptance Rates and Avg Hourly Rate? Im at 55% and make roughly $20-$25/hour. Wanted to see if it’s even worth it to try to go for Top Dasher or not.
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2022.01.26 12:09 Skyler_Hawkins Weighted Random Functions

Hello there,
I have a function that will randomly choose another function when called. This has been working fine for me. However, I would like to improve it to be able to add a weight to each function.
For example FunctionOne has a 50% chance of being called, FunctionTwo has a 25% chance, FunctionThree with 15%, and FunctionFor with 10%.
For now, I'm just adding the same function multiple time to the list. However, I know there is a better & cleaner way to do this.

public void GenerateRandomFunction() { System.Random randomizer = new System.Random(); int functionToChoose = randomizer.Next(4); switch (functionToChoose) { case 0: FunctionOne(); break; case 1: FunctionTwo(); break; case 2: FunctionThree(); break; case 3: FunctionFour(); break; } } 
Thank you.
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2022.01.26 12:09 Cepelinai90 Ar ne ironiška in English

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2022.01.26 12:09 RANDOMDBZ mGBA (Gameboy Advance Emulator) PS4 (DualShock 4) Controller Setup For Windows

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2022.01.26 12:09 ukheather Get a totally free share/stock with Freetrade worth £3 to £200!! (UK)

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They credit the free shares once a week on a Wednesday so don't worry if you haven't gotten it yet as it can take a few days depending on when you joined.
I appreciate anyone that uses my link! 👍🏻
Thanks in advance
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2022.01.26 12:09 Boring_Arm_4489 I picked up an interest in philosophy and there are some questions that I need answers to

Q1: Does it matter if we live in a simulation or not since our actions have intangible consequences?
Q2: Does everything come from nothing, And what I mean by that every time we question/imagine a world without the existence of something without stopping to think for a moment that what enabled that question is the existence of that said thing, Like asking what if we lived in a world with "good" things only without asking without evil we would not know good and if we lived in a world filled with goodness only wouldn't our curious nature make our dream of a world with the opposite of goodness?
Q3: What is the meaning of an argument that assumes its premise?
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2022.01.26 12:09 KiwiGuy_420 19 snap: benmcwillett little limp circumcised clit. looking to be dominated and humiliated by uncut, alpha, straight or bbc !

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2022.01.26 12:09 Milmik_ The first airport I built with the new DLC

The first airport I built with the new DLC
I left detailing till I get to this area
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2022.01.26 12:09 zipn7 Handle empty integer expression

I recently got an error with empty integer expression.

if [ "$match" -le "$keep_backup" ]; then echo "Dont remove anything" 
Could I solve this with
if [ [ ! -z "$match" ] ] && [ "$match" -le "$keep_backup" ]; then echo "Dont remove anything" 
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2022.01.26 12:09 A_Legless_Horse TIL you can carry zombies around

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2022.01.26 12:09 SySTeMaT1c Selling my 2008 WR250R, about 1 hour SE of Twin Cities if anyone is interested!

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2022.01.26 12:09 sirhc0223 32 [M4F] Toronto, Canada Looking for someone to voice with and keep each other company. [Friendship][Voice]

As the title states, I'm looking for someone to voice with. It would also be nice if you're open minded so we could talk about literally anything and who will also stick around. If there is something on your mind that you want to talk about, I'll be your ear. I certainly won't ditch you because you're hurting, so feel free to spill!
A little about me:

I suppose there's more, but I guess we'll find out as we go. And I'd love to get to know you.
Also, please leave at least a short introduction of yourself when you contact me.
Well, thank you for reading this and I super look forward to meeting you!
P.S. Boundary setting time...cough.. Please don't bring up your love for meat if you're not ready for a response or anything related to it...This has unfortunately become a very toxic thing I've had to deal with people from reddit and has taken a hit on me mentally. Veganism will not be brought up unless you show genuine curiosity and/or sincerely open to becoming one yourself. Also, please don't ask me about work or school. When I'm comfortable, I can talk to you about those things. Thanks for your understanding!
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2022.01.26 12:09 ProfessionalOne4030 Greetings, /r/EnglishLearning! Can i get some feedback on my accent? Thanks. (the word "finished" got cut-off/parts of it got sped up towards the end, so pls bear with it kthx)

You step through the door gingerly, minding at once both head and feet. As your eyes adjust to the relative gloom, you become aware of a figure bustling towards you, a person of indeterminate size, age and dress sense. He shuttles just a little closer into your personal space than you would prefer, and peers at you over a pair of half-moon spectacles perched on a somewhat wizened nose. “Ah, my first visitors of the day,” he beams, glancing a yellowed smile. “It’s so nice to have company.” He ushers you gently into the reception area, scoots a large grey cat off the desk, and plants his hands in a proprietorial manner. “So, welcome to the museum, my little labour of love. Just about managed to get it more-or-less finished in time for the fifth anniversary. A few ragged edges in places, but haven’t we all?”
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2022.01.26 12:09 jobsinanywhere When is transfer deadline day, what time does window close and is it same all over Europe? – The Sun

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2022.01.26 12:09 janikonjedic When to push through the fatigue and when to rest?

One of the aspects of my burnout condition / adrenal fatigue that I haven’t yet learned to master, is when to push through the fatigue, malaise and tiredness, and when to take a step back, take it easy and allow my body to rest.
Can anyone relate to this?
Sometimes, the tiredness and fatigue that we feel are a “disguise”: a product of Resistance, of Comfort zone and Counterforces that want to keep us safe, in the comfort zone and prevent us from growing.
But other times, the feeling of fatigue is real and our body really needs rest and we have to take a step back, take it easy, and rest.
So the question becomes: how do you tell the difference between real fatigue and what I call “a disguise”: Resistance, Comfort zone and Counterforces masking themselves as fatigue?
If you're interested in this topic, check out my whole article called When to push through the fatigue and when to rest? where I talk about the difference between real fatigue and "disguise", how to recognize it and how to act on it.
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2022.01.26 12:09 Outrageous_Maize_796 big hamster small hamster

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2022.01.26 12:09 drloser When a Wizard gains a level 3, can he choose two level 2 spells?

According to the rules, the answer is yes: "Each time you gain a Wizard level, you can add two Wizard Spells of your choice to your Spellbook for free. Each of these spells must be of a level for which you have Spell Slots, as shown on the Wizard table."
But in Roll20, when I use the "Charactermancer", I am offered to learn one level 1 spell, and one level 2 spell. Impossible to choose two level 2 spells.
Do you know why?
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2022.01.26 12:09 naticile Gpu and cpu advice cause upgrading pc rtx 3070ti

Pretty much I’m rebuilding/upgrading my entire pc I’m planning on running games like rdr2/ hitman3/ far cry 6/ mafia definitive edition/ gta 5/ (kinda cyberpunk with raytracing just probs not max settings) all at ultra settings 144p 60fps
Preferable be in a safe range of 65+ fps with 144p just in case I do something in the game that might drop a couple fps (I just wanna always stay above 60 100% of time)
I have been looking at 3070ti with i5 12600k or i7 12700k 32gb ddr4 4x8 3600mhz 16cl 650w psu (Ofc got aiO liquid cooler already)
Just wondering if anyone could advise me if I can run the games at max settings with those parts and it being smooth 100% of the time
(Also If someone has those parts in there build and play any of those games please tell me what frames and if it works well or not)
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2022.01.26 12:09 Mother-Key582 Anyone ever watch Lifetime thrillers?

Like, about the psychotic nannies that try and replace the mother just to seduce the dad? Or just psycho women (or even high schoolers) in general? I absolutely love when the man actually gets justice at the end. And if it’s some high school chick that is being way too creepy around the guy, the mother rightfully steps in and tells her to fuck the fuck off and leave her son alone. Yes there are ones about creepy guys too.
I wish the world worked like the Lifetime universe. Where justice actually gets served at the end. No matter what gender.
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